Research on Galilee in the Roman Period

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Herod Antipas in Galilee

Welcome to HerodAntipas.com - by Morten Hørning Jensen, PhD


This site serves to accompany my book, Herod Antipas in Galilee (published by Mohr Siebeck 2006/2010), as well as to present my succeding research into the secrets of Roman Galilee.




Articles on the socio-economic living conditions in Roman Galilee published (or accepted for publication) after Herod Antipas in Galilee:

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Only scholarly/peer reviewed articles is listed here. For a full list of my publications, see here.

Most articles are available from my Academia-page: https://teologi.academia.edu/MortenHørningJensen.

Herod Antipas in Galilee - the book:

Herod Antipas in Galilee was originally published in 2006 and a second edition was released in 2010. It can be purchased here:

  • Mohr Siebeck: link.
  • Amazon.com: link.
    Via google-books it is partly available online.
    Or it can be bought as eBook here.


  • 2006: Awarded the University of Aarhus’ ’prize for the best PhD-dissertation (theology)’, cf. link.
  • 2007: ’Book of the Month’ in Expository Times, vol. 118, no. 11, pp. 542-43, cf. link.

From the reviews:

  • “There is much to recommend in Jensen’s study… This book should be read by all serious scholars of the history, politics and social-context of first-century Galilee. This study is a superb piece of scholarship and forms the new benchmark in shaping understandings of Herod Antipas." Paul Foster in
    The Expository Times (2007), 11:542-543.
  • “This is an important study, one that no scholar writing on the cultural climate of first-century Galilee or the historical Jesus can afford to ignore. It is a fine exemplar of thoroughness and nuance and will quickly become the standard reference work on Herod Antipas’s impact on the region.” Mark A. Chancey, Review of Biblical Literature.
  • “This seems to be a model historical study.” L.L. Grabbe in Journal for the Study of the Old Testament – Book List 31.5 (2007), S. 48-49.

Read a summarising article:

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  • The plates in the back of the book can be viewed here in full colour: choose 'Image Gallery' in the navigation panel to the left.

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